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“An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

Hello, my name is Bill Madden and I founded 123 Financial to help people realize their investment and retirement options.  Our focus is to understand you, your current situation and your goals. At 123 we believe that every client is unique and has individual needs, wants and goals.  Whether you are looking forward to a financially secure retirement, saving for college or have other financial goals, our knowledge, honesty and integrity may be able to provide financial opportunity for you and your family.

Do you have a 401k to rollover? Or, several retirement or investment accounts to consolidate? Need Life or Long Term Care Insurance? 123 can help. Please contact us to schedule a no obligation phone consultation. Know of someone who might be interested? Please forward our information or use our “Refer a Friend” button located in the Contact tab.

Finally, we hope you find this website useful. Whether you are a current client, future client or never become a client, you will find 123’s Research tab useful. It includes over 25 financial calculators, stock and mutual fund quotes and Industry and Sector daily news articles. Utilizing our Client Center you can build and keep track of a personal portfolio and find links to many Mutual Fund, Variable Annuity and Managed Money companies. 123’s Information Center provides links to recent articles covering everything from Business Owners to Personal Finance to Your Home.